Autumn Teas, Comfort and Spices

October 10, 2019

Thé d'automne aux épices, Autumn Tea with Spices

Autumn Teas

Summer is well behind us. Autumn settles and unfolds in all its colorful splendor, bringing with it cooler days. On our terrace, tea lovers enjoy the last rays of sun with their preferred infusions.
We contemplate spices, black tea, pumpkin, herbal teas from Quebec, and comfort. To emphasize this "mood", we have concocted a new autumn tea. We hope to demystify the secret to the art of scented-tea blend creation. 

Our team also offers you a list of suggestions: our range of autumn teas. And because comfort does not mean confining oneself to the indoors this season, we prescribe the unavoidable: make a hot tea thermos a ritualistic part of your autumn walks and hikes .

Our New Spiced Tea: Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves tea is our newest creation. While mixing the ingredients, it fills our local with comforting smells! It is flavored with various spices (nutmeg, peper, cinnamon), orange peels and a hint of vanilla. As a base, we use Hojicha, a Japanese green tea with a theine level low enough to enjoy in the evening. Hojicha comes from a Japanese tradition. These are Bancha tea leaves roasted at around 200ºC. This action that only lasts a few minutes colors the green tea until it is a caramelized brown. The leaf then develops a grilled taste, reminiscent of hazelnut. It is precisely for its slightly roasted notes that we chose it for our Autumn Leaves blend: it is a delicious combination of tea and spices and their lasting palatal savor.

The Art of Scented Tea Blend Creation

In creating this new scented tea, it took us nearly two months of research and testing, before achieving the perfect balance of flavors. A little more of this, or that? Every test counts! When developing a new tea, one pays attention to the smallest details. We would not want, for instance, the cinnamon, which is a highly perfumed spice with a powerful and lasting taste, to mask the various aromas in the tea. The challenge lies in the dosage. In the specific case of the Autumn Leaves tea, another complex aspect of the art of blending emerged: how to conjure the taste of pumpkin or apple pie (our inspirational elements), without adding artificial essences or sugar? It was while drawing on pumpkin pie recipes that a list of essential spices was first composed. 

Later, to add a touch of fruit to the blend, we opted to incorporate orange peels which adds a visual allure to the mixture. To sweeten the deal and soften the taste, we have included natural vanilla essence..

Our Autumn Tea Suggestions: Chaï, Spices, Assams Stories, Cold Warmer, and Balsam Fir

As autumnal consolation, we present the latte tea. Chaï being the quintessential latte, access our recipe here and choose between our three blends: Chaï Cha Noir, Cachemire Chaï or Rooïbos Chaï.

To complement your homemade apple pie, we suggest the comforting Assam's Stories. To complement your homemade apple pie, we suggest the comforting Assam’s Stories. With its black tea base, cinnamon, cloves, orange and red fruits, we guarantee you a perfect match!

For lovers of herbal teas, the Balsam Fir is without equal. The fir is naturally harvested in Gaspésie, Quebec, and is a team favorite. It yields a clear, sweet, yet aromatic cup with its forest fragrances. Fir tree infusions soothe hoarse throats.

A must-have in your anti-cold arsenal is our exclusive mixture named Cold Warmer. The mate it contains will help restore energy. Lemon, orange, balsam fir, ginger, and lemon balm: all ingredients adept in boosting the immune system. The infusion is herbaceous and woody, with a light citrus taste.

Thé en randonnée Hiking and Tea

Teas and Autumn Hikes: Our Advice

Nothing is more enjoyable than a good cup of hot tea to be savored in the autumn air. To ensure its constant warmth the whole length of your hiking experience, we recommend carrying your infusion in an isothermal, hermetically sealed bottle. Tip: Before pouring the tea of your choice into its thermos, fill it with boiling water, fasten the lid, and wait a few minutes before emptying; this way, the inner walls are preheated.

Best autumn wishes from the whole team!



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