Seasoned Cheddar Scone
Aged cheddar scone seasoned with thym and a selection of complimentary spices.


Shortbread (3) 
Three choices of irresistible tea flavored butter cookies that we love!  

Homemade scone with Earl Grey infused strawberry jam.
Gluten Free Brownies
Homemade all-chocolate treat!
Carrot Cake
Carrot and walnut cake garnished with a delicious cheese glaze.  
Cheese Cake
New York style cheesecake topped with strawberry, blueberries andraspberries. 
Fine Chocolates 
Choose among our selection of fine chocolates from M. et Mme Chocolat. 
Daifuku Mochi (2) 
Traditional Japanese pastries made from rice flour and stuffed with a mixture of slightly sweet red beans or taro.  

Light, delicate, and crispy pastries made from whipped egg whites and sugar. Flavored with tea.

Teas and Herbal infusions

All our teas and herbal teas are served in teapots in the tea room and are also available as an infusion for take-out.
See our Teas avalaible in tea room 
See our Herbal Teas avalaible in tea room

Other Beverages

Hot Chocolate (black or milk)
Santo-Domingo 70 % chocolate or Belgian milk chocolate.   
Spicy Hot Chocolate
Santo-Domingo 70 % chocolate flavoured with our special blend of spices.   
Irresistible blend between hot chocolate and tea! A Cha Noir’s creation. Choice of 10 flavours. 
Earl Grey - Cream Earl Grey - Chaï Cha Noir - Chaï Rooïbos - Monk's blend - Arctique Fire - Tsars's Tea - Rooïbos Samouraï - Peppermint - Lavander 
Matcha latte
A warm, energizing and comforting drink made with fresh apple juice, cinnamon and ginger.  

Our iced teas and infusions and our Bubble Teas are available from May to the end of September. Bubble Teas are served from Thursday to Sunday.