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Best places to treat your loved ones on th Wellington Street for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day: Treat your loved ones on the Well
An article that brings together the best places on the famous Wellington street to treat your loved ones on Valentine's Day.

Article about Autumn Teas at Cha Noir Tea House by Metro Journal

Cha Noir Thés originaux - Journal Métro
An article by journalist Arianne lebreux-Ebacher who came to meet us to collect our ideas of comfort teas to choose in autum.

Article Maison de thé Cha Noir par Montreal Foo-Foodie

Cha Noir Tea House - Montreal Foo-Foodie
An entire article on client experiences at the tea house. "Cha Noir Teahouse may not need an introduction to Verdun residents, but it deserves an honorable mention as being one of Montreal’s best eclectic teahouse." 


L'art de préparer le matcha tout simplement

L'art du thé vert Matcha par la Maison de thé Cha Noir - Promenade Wellington
Matcha preparation, a green tea nectar from Japan, maybe quite simple. A great article to accompany tea lovers.


Chai et lattés du Cha Noir

Thé anti-frissons et lattés - La Presse+
Journalist Isabelle Morin presents the Cha Noir andone of our homemade chai recipe.


Terrasse de la Maison de thé Cha Noir

Terrasse automnale - Nightlife.ca 
Summer is prolonged on the brand-new Cha Noirterrasse. Fall offer for tea and herbal teas, warm or iced to be enjoyed untilcold weather strikes again!


Douceurs d'Assam notre thé de Noël 

Thés de Noël pour les festivités - La Presse
The journalist presents six festive teas, speciallyour beloved Christmas Tea with spiced and fruity accents.


Propriétaire de la Maison de thé Cha Noir

Un grand changement pour le Cha Noir - Debeur Magasine
A brand-new location for the Cha Noir Tea house. 12 years after its debut,Cha Noir moves and triples in size. 


Ambiance salon de thé Cha Noir

Du nouveau à la Maison de thé Cha Noir - Voir.ca 
A new adventure for the Cha Noir tea house in a shop triple the size.