Our Story


The creation of Cha Noir Tea House, in 2003, marks the beginning of an inspiring path in honour of the famous infusion. From then on, Mélanie Thibeault becomes a faithful customer. One year later, the young woman, for whom tea has no more secrets, takes under her wing the charming establishment. With a solid experience in management, project management and environment, she wishes the constant evolution of the Tea House.



As a natural epicurean, offering fine products and high quality teas at a reasonable price is her priority. With the intention of making tea tasting an accessible art, she establishes partnerships with local companies and gets involved in events in the area.



In 2007, Mellanie adds a selection of light meals, finger food and desserts to the menu. Thanks to her own creations, homemade sweet treats are now available. In order to respect the delicate aromas of the infusions, meals are associated with appropriate teas, so that every flavour is highlightened.

On June 30 2015, the Tea House had a new project and moved across the street to a 1800 square feet new place. The tea room, 3 times bigger, now better meet the expectations of his customers in the same cozy atmosphere. The boutique now offers a wider variety of teapots, cups and accessories. The move is successful, customers are happy of the change; the mission is well accomplished! 

Our Team

Cha Noir aims at offering a wide and reasonably-priced selection of traditional and herbal teas of high quality to help you enjoy and share tea at home. Trust our staff to help you take enlightened and sensible buying decisions when choosing a teapot or any other items. We reach out enthusiasts, connoisseurs and newcomers alike.


Our Products

We challenge ourselves to offer high quality products at fair and reasonable costs. Always looking for new flavors, our team is working to develop new teas, herbal teas and desserts. Do not try to find them elsewhere! Most of our products are exclusive to Cha Noir.


Awards and Recognition

In addition to winning the bourse Jeune promoteur in 2004 and the 2nd Regional Award at Concours québécois de l'entrepreneuriat en 2005 , La Maison de Thé was honored with the 2005 Phénix de l'environnement award. Named Business personality by the Foundation of the Local Development of Verdun, Mellanie Thibeault has an undeniable future filled with flavours and sweetness laid out in front of her.

Concours québécois en entrepreneuriatPhénix de l'environnement


Environmental commitment

The entire Cha Noir team puts into practice simple rules that aim to promote environmental well-being. We believe that small, daily gestures have a positive impact on the quality of life of current and future generations.

  • Recycling.
  • Reducing our energy consumption.
  • Reducing over-packaging thanks to our discount system. At Cha Noir, we promote reduction at the source by offering our clients a $0.25 credit on tea purchases when they bring their own tea container or used tea bags.
  • Purchasing organic traditional and herbal teas to promote an agricultural model that is environmentally-friendly.
  • Relying on environmentally-friendly cleaning products.
  • Promoting reusable products and purchasing sustainable objects.
  • Developing local partnerships and supporting local suppliers.