théière yixing teapot

For an infusion that meets your expectations, you’ll need the right teapot. Oolong from China, Japanese green tea, chaï or scented tea – each tea has its own teapot and ritual that help make teatime perfect.

Ceramic Teapots

Porcelain and enamel ceramic teapots are essential accessories for tea amateurs wishing to experiment from one tea family to another. Their smooth inner surfaces do not allow flavours to impregnate the teapot. They are perfect for scented teas, as well as Indian Chaï or hot chocolates.

kyuzu (Japanese Teapot)

Kyuzu, a Japanese teapot with a side handle, is used for Japanese green teas such as Sencha, hojicha and Genmaïcha.

Yixing Teapot

These teapots, also known as «memory teapots» are made of terra cotta from the Chinese region of Yixing, south of Shangaï. The clay used to produce them is porous; witch gives them the propriety of preserving the taste of the infusion and enhancing the following.

Washing your teapot

To preserve the layer of flavour, it is very important to never use soap. Simply rinse with boiling water and let dry.