Marie Serreau's Tea Cup

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    • The Tea cups in this collection are hand-sculpted and then baked in the electric oven for the first time. Then, on each one of them, a unique drawing is engraved by Marie with the help of a small sculpting tool. After this, the glaze is applied, and the cup is finally baked a second and last time.
      The intensity of the work required for such an achievement is especially felt once a completed piece is held in hand sporting a warm blend of chai or an infusion of a high-altitude oolong. The cup's walls are thin, the glaze is of quality, and the clarity of the piece's hue enables the complete enjoyment of the tea's colorful infusion.
      Each piece, shaped by hand, is unique and original.
      The patterns may vary slightly from the photos.
      Price is for a cup.

    • Read our article about Marie Serreau's ceramist.

      Dimensions : Diameter :  8 to 9 cm  Height: 6.5 to 7.5 cm 
      Color: Creamy white and pale blue
    • Made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    • Due to screens, colors, hues and saturation may vary slightly.
    • Thé par quantité d’eau 2 c. à thé dans 500 ml
      Temps d’infusion 3 à 5 minutes
      Température d’infusion 70 °C
    • Type de thé Green
      Origine Japon (Tenryu)
      Niveau de théine Moyen
      Goût et arômes Végétal, pois mange-tout

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