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      Here is the perfect gift box to support local choices in your gift shopping experience.
      We have chosen a magnificent chawan (bowl) by ceramist Loïc Therien in green and golden shades. It also serve well for matcha or any other tea and herbal tea consumption. Didn't your gift fall into the hands of a tea lover? Regardless,the chawan can even be used as a cereal bowl!
      We will also provinde a selection of herbal teas harvested in Quebec. 
      This Gift Boxe includes:
      - A chawan (bowl) by ceramist Loïc Thérien in green / gold shades
      - A bag of Balsam Fir (15g)
    • - A bag of Labrador's Tea (15g)
      - A bag of Chaga (25g); an original mushroom to discover that grows on birch trees in Laurentian forests.
      - A personalized handwritten greeting card (If you wish)
    • .::. Would you like to add a personalized wishing card with your message? Write your personalized message in the "Notes" section at checkout.::.

      Please note that the ceramists' pieces are unique because they are hand made. It is this aspect of uniqueness that we are looking for when buying from a ceramist. Each piece is different, the colors, shapes and textures vary from one to another. The picture of the Chawan is therefore indicative.


    • Thé par quantité d’eau 2 c. à thé dans 500 ml
      Temps d’infusion 3 à 5 minutes
      Température d’infusion 70 °C
    • Type de thé Green
      Origine Japon (Tenryu)
      Niveau de théine Moyen
      Goût et arômes Végétal, pois mange-tout

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