Anti-Stress Teas and Herbal Infusions

September 13, 2019

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Anti-Stress Teas and Herbal Infusions 

For the past fifteen years, in advising our guests at the tea house, I cannot count the times I have been asked for a soothing tea (or herbal tea) that would be calming, anxiety-reducing, or sleep-inducing. Although our role is to guide your discovery of tea taste aspects and flavors, we often consider virtues. We always approach this subject with utmost caution and base our information on facts gathered from government authorities and reliable scientific studies.

Our Low-in-Theine Teas

I would like to mention that teas all contain caffeine in varying degrees. The caffeine contained in tea leaves is commonly known as theine. The effects of caffeine need not be introduced, evidently, I do not recommend consuming teas with high levels of caffeine to guests hoping to promote sleep. Personally, I perceive stress as a harm originating from a variety of factors; as such, it would be reductive to cure the symptoms in isolation. My point being that even if your tea contains theine, the ritual surrounding tea preparation generates a moment of rest and time for oneself which favors appeasement. Occasionally, I propose a white tea, a Hojicha or a Pu erh, all three being low in theine.

Our Anti-Stress Herbal Teas

We frequently offer our guests caffeine-free herbal teas. I will introduce you to a few herbal infusions traditionally considered for their soothing virtues.



Lavende is recommended by herbalists as a treatment for migraines, stress, and irritability. Excellent as an infusion, the soothing properties of lavender can also be mixed into your choice of tea or your bath water..

Organic Between Dreams Tea

Between Dreams is a blend of lemon balm, organic oats, and organic borage. This herbal infusion helps fortify the nervous system; fight depression, anxiety, fatigue, nervousness, stress, memory, and concentration problems. 

It also promotes sleep without causing drowsiness. We like suggesting it to guests looking for the perfect herbal tea to complement their long study or reading sessions. 

Chamomile Tea: The Myth Unmasked

Chamomile*, often considered for its relaxing properties, would be more conducive to facilitating digestion. Nevertheless, opting for a chamomile infusion after an evening meal could promote a sense of relaxation insofar as it induced better digestion.

Quelle sera votre infusion de prédilection en période de stress?  

*For people opting for chamomile: pregnant women must avoid it. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, check out our article on the best alternatives HERE.




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