Silver Moonlight

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    • This great Chinese Yunnan white tea is solely composed of buds (''silver tips'': fluffy, smooth and fine unopened leaves of the tea plant) and the yougest tea leaves. A highly delicate tea, plucked and processed entirely by hand. While its fragrance evokes fresh flowers with sweet notes, its crystalline yellow liquor's taste recalls dew and cotton. This infusion is smooth, with an herbaceous hint of oats. According to traditional medicine in China, white teas help lower body temperature, while also being rich in antioxidants. The Silver Moonlight will charm you during the warm summer days or after physical labor.. 

    • Tea per quantity of water 3-4 c. à tsp / 500 ml
      Steeping time 4-5 minutes
      Steeping temperature 70 °C
    • Type of tea White
      Origin China (Yunnan)
      Caffeine content Low
      Tasting and aroma Herbs, straw, mild