Sencha Megami

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    • Picked from the earliest harvests of the year, this intense jade green infusion is obtained by extra steaming. Subdued and smooth vegetal flavour. Light and sweet aroma.
      *Exclusive supplier in Canada*

    • Dear customer,
      As a result of the changes to the export rules, our supplier stopped supplying its Canadian customers. We inform you with regret that we no longer have Sencha Megami.
      As a replacement, we recommand Sencha Uchiyama. This high quality tea has the advantage of containing as many antioxidants and to offer an incomparable taste.
    • Tea per quantity of water 2 tsp / 500 ml
      Steeping time 1-3 minutes
      Steeping temperature 70 °C
    • Type of Tea Green
      Origin Japan (Kagoshima)
      Caffeine content Medium
      Tasting and aroma Subdued, smooth, vegetal, light, sweet

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