Pu Erh 2016 - SHOU (mini bing cha)

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    • Superb red tea reminiscent of wood bark with an earthy profile. The finish is mild and slightly sweet with a peppery finish. This Pu Erh SHOU from 2016 comes in a flat round shape. The tea leaves are pressed together (in a miniature version of the traditionnal large bing cha disc form) during the post-fermentation process wich lasts several years. The idea of an aged tea can sometimes surprise. This portioned version contains just what it takes to serve 1 liter of tea at a time. Therefore, it is perfect to try it and discover the red tea category.

      To prepare the tea: remove the paper envelope, place the intact mini bing cha in the infuser of your teapot and pour a little bit of hot water (95 degrees Celsius) to rinse the leaves. After 15 to 20 seconds, discard the water. Fill the teapot with one litre of hot water (95 degrees Celsius), then let steep for 5 to 7 minutes. Meanwhile, the leaves will gradually separate and release their aromas. Free of bitterness, low in caffeine and tannin, red tea is excellent after meals.

      The method to create Pu Erh SHOU teas: fresh leaves are manipulated similarly to preparing black tea by withering, drying and rolling. The precious leaves are then kept and spread under large canvases in a room at high temperature and humidity, thus accelerating the post-fermentation process.
      The total weight is approximatly 32g for 4 miniature discs (mini bing cha). The weight can slightly vary.

    • Tea per quantity of water 1 bing cha / 1 liter
      Steeping time 5-7 minutes
      Steeping temperature 95 °C
    • Type of Tea Red
      Origin China (Yunnan)
      Caffeine content Low
      Tasting and aroma Earth, wood, tree bark, mild

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