Houhin ( Japanese teapot without a handle )

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    • A houhin is a kyusu (Japanese teapot)  without a handle and used mainly for steeping gyokuro tea or very high grade sencha. In addition, it has a wider spout compared to the other types of kyusu. Although it does not have a handle, gyokuro is steeped using water temperature around 60-70 degrees or lower so there is no need to worry about burning your hands!

    • This houhin was hand-crafted by potter Daniel Gingras. Baked in the wood oven, this beautiful unique piece is characterized by its organic textures.

    • Made in Québec.
      Size of teapot. Heigh : 8.5 cm.  Total lenght : 11.5 cm
      Weight: 342 g.

    • NB: Colors and shades may vary depending on the screens.