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Blooming Tea - Jasmin

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    • Between 200 and 250 delicate leaves (buds) of green tea are tied together and shaped in each "blooming Tea" so as to open during infusion. Scented with jasmine, this hand shaped tea offers a magnificent spectacle when infused in a glass teapot by slowly opening onto a flower.

    • Package of 3 Blooming Tea

    • The shape and the flower can vary according to the arrivals but the tea leaves, the taste and the perfume of jasmine are the same.
    • Tea per quantity of water 1 blooming Flower in 500-1000 ml
      Steeping time 4-10 minutes
      Steeping temperature 85 °C
    • Type of tea Green, scented
      Origin China
      Caffeine content Low
      Tasting and aroma Floral, fresh, delicate, without bitterness

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