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    • Our Chaga is a wild mushroom found growing on birch trees in the Laurentian forest in Quebec. The beautiful ochre colored mushroom is cut into fairly large pieces which may vary. Although Chaga is lent a variety of medicinal virtues such as being a powerful antioxidant and an immune system modulator, we recommend it, above all, for its savory qualities.

    • We especially enjoy its delicate woody and earthy taste. Our Chaga is prepared in a decoction. Brew for 2 to 10 minutes depending on whether you prefer it sweet or full-bodied. Keep in mind to use the Chaga pieces twice by storing them in the refrigerator.

    • Our suggestion: add a bit of maple syrup or honey to enhance the flavor.

    • We have here attached a few links to reliable sources pertaining to this mushroom:

      Passeport Santé

    • Tea per quantity of water 4 c. tsp / 500 ml
      Steeping time 2 - 10 minutes
      Steeping temperature 100 °C
    • Type of tea Herbal Tea
      Origin Canada
      Caffeine content None
      Tasting and aroma Woodlands, earthy

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