Pregnancy and breastfeeding: which teas to choose?

November 21, 2017

Grossesse, allaitement et thé, Tea and Breastfeeding

Which beverage to choose?

Pregnant women often do not know which foods and beverages to choose. Prohibitions and contraindications are numerous and poorly documented. We look at the different options available to them.
Among our selection of teas and herbal tea, some products are recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Others are discouraged or should be moderately used during pregnancy.
Visiting the Tea Room, ask Cha Noir team members for advice, trained and concerned to offer the right drinks to all customers.
Here is a wealth of practical information to make the best choices.

Good choices for you on Cha Noir's menu 

Raspberry Leaves

We highly recommend this plant to pregnant women "to tone their uterus and prepare them for childbirth, [...]"[i] "Raspberry leaf tea is known to prevent complications during pregnancy and to facilitate childbirth. In addition, it contains several vitamins and minerals. So far, studies have not been able to show any real benefit, but it would be safe to consume during pregnancy. " [ii]

Contraindications or recommendations

 - Egyptian Chamomile
"Chamomile is traditionally known for its effectiveness in triggering menstruation, it is advised pregnant women to avoid it." [iii]

 - Peppermint and Happy Belly 
It is recommended to drink mint infusion in a moderate way. Indeed, "although mint [...] is commonly used against morning sickness, it should not be used in the first trimester of pregnancy unless medically indicated". [iv] Health Passport also tells us that "the mint tea should preferably be consumed at least one hour before or after a meal, [...]" since it affects the good absorption of iron in the body.[v]

According to Health Canada, nettle should be avoided. [vi] However, The herbalist Anny Schneider [vii] mentions that "if the use of raw nettle is indeed to be avoided in the pregnant woman, the chemical composition of the dry nettle pleads in favor of a reasonable use in the same case. Indeed, nettle is rich in folic acid (vit.B9), important for the proper development of the embryo and prescribed by doctors for women during de first trimester of pregnancy.  [viii]

 - Balsam Fir
"Although no incidents have been reported in humans, some sources believe that in the absence of complete toxicological studies, pregnant and nursing women should avoid balsam fir products." [ix]

 - Labrador Tea
Labrador Tea (Rhododendron groenlandicum) was drink by native peoples in Canada. "In some Native American nations, women took it three times a day as delivery approached, to make their work easier". [x] Thus, we recommend to opt for this herbal tea at the end of pregnancy. Labrador Tea is also known to soothe cold symptoms, dizziness and heartburn.

Reduce cafféine

Health Canada studies indicate that drinking tea or other caffeinated beverages, such as Mate, is contraindicated in pregnancy. It is highly advised to limit your absorption at 300 mg per day. A cup of tea contains an average of 30 mg to 50 mg of caffeine, without which risks, however unproven, could be incurred at the birth of the child.[xi] Thus, pregnant women can continue to taste their favorite teas, in moderation, or choose among teas with a reduced caffeine level such as White TeasHojichaOolong and Pu Erh de Chine.


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