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20th Anniversary Teacups - Limited Edition

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    • To mark our 20th anniversary, we present to you an exclusive series of elegant cups handcrafted by Carmen Abdallah. It is truly an honor to offer you special edition designs by a ceramist with whom we've been collaborating since the inception of Cha Noir. We asked Carmen to number each of her small creations. Hence, like pieces of art, each handcrafted cup has a number from 1to 50.

      The artist developed a new glaze specifically for this series of 50 exclusive cups. She used among other things, ash from the woods of the Laurentides (the region where she has been working for years) and feldspath. When fired at a high temperature, the glaze vitrifies to create unique hues and textures on the surface. She worked with a light clay from Ontario which was fired in an electric kiln, a judicious choice that allowed her to present pieces featuring shades of orange, ochre, and blue, on a pale background, for a result that stands apart from the rest of her work.

      It's worth noting that Carmen Abdallah lost her studio in a fire in March 2023. This was a challenging period for her. She lost her equipment, pieces, clay, kilns, and all the fruits of her labor from recent years. Her studio has been temporarily relocated, and she now produces only limited special editions in small quantities.

      Please note that ceramists' pieces are unique since they are handcrafted. It's precisely this uniqueness that we seek when buying from a ceramist. Every piece is different. The shades, shapes, dimensions and textures may vary slightly from one piece to another, even if they were created as part of a series. The photo and cup dimensions provided are indicative. Due to screen differences, colors, shades, and saturation might vary slightly.


    • Cups are on pre-sale, available while supplies last. They will be carefully packed and shipped starting October 17, 2023. Once shipped, allow a delivery time of 2 to several days depending on the destination. Exceptionally, a shipping fee of $9 (+ taxes), which covers a portion of the shipping costs, will be automatically added to any order containing this exclusive product even if the order totals $65 or more. You can choose in-store pickup; in this case you can collect your package in-store, and these fees will not be charged.

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    • Dimensions : Height: 8.75cm    Diameter: 8 cm    Holds about 200 ml
      Colors: Light clay, ash, hints of orange, ochre, and blue.

      Safe for food consumption. Non-toxic and free from heavy metals.

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