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Kent Benson's Chawan - Bowl #3

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    • This chawan made by internationally acclaimed ceramist Kent Benson was fired in a wood kiln in Stanstead over 30 years ago. The artist worked for about thirty years, between the 60s to the 90s. Since he no longer produces today, this bowl is extremely rare. It is a privilege to be able to offer it here.

    • Each chawan, hand shaped, is unique and original.

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    • Dimensions : Diameter : 13 cm  Height: 8 cm 
      Colors: Shades of grey
    • Due to screens, colors, hues and saturation may vary.
    • Thé par quantité d’eau 2 c. à thé dans 500 ml
      Temps d’infusion 3 à 5 minutes
      Température d’infusion 70 °C
    • Type de thé Green
      Origine Japon (Tenryu)
      Niveau de théine Moyen
      Goût et arômes Végétal, pois mange-tout

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