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Carmen Abdallah's Chawan #3

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    • Carmen Abdallah has been perfecting her art in her studio, Céramique Zalata, based in Val-David. While mastering the art of pottery, Carmen’s primary goal is to produce functional pieces. Her ceramics are non-toxic and dishwasher proof, therefore perfect for daily life use. She was awarded prizes from the 1001 pots event multiple times.

    • Each chawan, hand shaped, is unique and original.

    • Read our article about Carmen Abdallah's ceramist

    • Dimensions : Diameter : 11.8 cm  Height: 7 cm 
      Colors: Shades of pale tan color, blue-green with a hint of orange
    • Due to screens, colors, hues and saturation may vary.
    • Thé par quantité d’eau 2 c. à thé dans 500 ml
      Temps d’infusion 3 à 5 minutes
      Température d’infusion 70 °C
    • Type de thé Green
      Origine Japon (Tenryu)
      Niveau de théine Moyen
      Goût et arômes Végétal, pois mange-tout

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