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    • On the lookout for the ideal matcha for mornings on the run? Here is one, perfect for lattes, all in simplicity. It presents a strong vegetal side, is bold without too much bitterness, with a fresh and unique matcha flavor. In the kitchen, it will revamp your favorite recipes or give a beautiful green color to desserts and cookie dough. As a smoothie or a latte, we can enjoy just the right amount of the rich caffeine concentration of this green tea.

      How to differentiate a culinary matcha from a ceremonial matcha? Every type of matcha is composed of green tea leaves which are finely powdered with the use of a grindstone, and they all contain caffeine. Although, the color can vary, going from a vibrant saturated green, to a lighter tint or a gorgeous jade green. Matcha can be classified in different grades and specified according to aroma, texture and even where it is originated. Each type of matcha can be appreciated in its own way. Pure, with milk or to be added in a drink or dessert recipe. Here is what to ask ourselves to choose the matcha that will best fit our needs.

    • Tea per quantity of water 1/2 to 1 c. tsp / 250 ml
      Steeping time 30 sec. to 1 minute
      Steeping temperature 70 à 80 °C
      Latté preparation:
      - Bring filtered or freshly drawn water to a rolling boil and let cool to 80°C.
      - Sift about 1/2 – 1 of a teaspoon of Matcha in your bowl.
      - Infuse with 100 ml – 150 ml of water, add same quantity of milk and one tea spoon of Honey. Whisk briskly and enjoy! 
    • Type of Tea Green
      Origin Japan (Shizuoka)
      Caffeine content High
      Tasting and aroma Tasteful, herbal, slight bitterness

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